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Comfort Walk in Tubs

Comfort Walk in Tubs offer a good mid-grade imported walk-in bathtub.  You'll also find their tubs under a number of different names by different dealers throughout the country.  However, comfort walk in tubs is one of the more recognized names for Seniors that have researched alternative companies online.

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They have several options available to suit almost every customer. Though this may make the selection process a little more difficult than other companies, it can make it easier to suit your own personal needs.  

Much like other companies that import their tubs, it appears that not all Comfort Walk in tubs are made by the same manufacturer.


Comfort Walk in Tubs are manufactured in china, like many of the others on the market. The difference being the amount material that's used in the manufacturing process. Most walk-in bathtubs made in china are made of very thin fiberglass, whereas the comfort walk in tub uses a mix of Fiberglass and Acrylic making it sturdier than its Chinese made counterparts.


Upon contacting Comfort Walk in Tubs, we were surprised to find out that we didn't need to have someone come out to our location to give prices. Though this makes the price gathering much easier, it did open a door for concerns. What if there were major construction issues preventing us from installing this tub, things that a typical Senior wouldn't know to look for.

We received pricing from a Comfort Walk in Tubs dealer within about 48 hours after our initial contact with the company. The prices were similar to that of America's Walk-in Tubs, however they did not include the installation price. The tub is simply drop-shipped to your location, and it's your responsibility to hire a reputable contractor.


The price, not including installation, was higher than the base tubs you may find at your local home improvement store. However, we believe that these tubs may be a bit higher quality than the standard big-box store products. It's our determination that the price is reasonable for the quality of the walk-in bathtubs they provide.

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