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Premier Care

Premier Care in Bathing is the grandfather of all walk-in bathtub companies. Premier Care bathtubs are manufactured in England, although their headquarters is United States based.

This company was started in 1986 and is still running strong in its homeland of England, U.K.

Like many walk-in bathtubs today, the Premier Walk-in tub is said to be “Made in America”. However, a quick search for a Bill of Lading will show that Premier still actively imports their components from their U.K. manufacturing plant.

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Premier Care has several options available to suit many different situations.  

Usually the representative will gather a little information and point the customer in a specific direction based upon their individual needs.


The Premier Walk-in Tub is one of the higher quality walk-in bathtubs available on the market.  This company has been around long enough to work out many of the bugs that some of the cheaper walk-in bathtubs are known for. However, the overall appearance of most of their tubs still look like something that belongs in the decade in which they were started.

In our opinion, the Premier Walk-in tubs are not the beauty queens of the walk-in bathtub industry. Though, they are built and designed to last for years to come.


First impression of the representative that came out, was that of a used car salesman.  

The representative whipped out a very large flip-book presentation and proceeded to down many of the other competitive companies.  This was a major turn-off that occurred within ten minutes of starting our meeting.

Though the representative was very thorough at reading and explaining the tub and features, the presentation was not really geared towards our specific scenario and conditions.

Ultimately, we were given pricing information and felt a little pressured into purchasing a walk-in bathtub on the same day.  This was not what the appointment setter on the phone had explained would happen.


This was definitely one of the higher priced walk-in tubs out of the group selected.  The overall appearance and the features offered did not seem to have a value anywhere near the price that was given. We were offered several discounts, and after refusing three times the representative called his office begging to get a larger discount for our situation.

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