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Walk-in Tub Reviews

GatherBids has researched some of the top Walk-in Tub Companies and compiled some editorial reviews based on the information we've found. Take a look through some of the walk-in tub companies listed to get an idea of the quality you'll find when working with these companies. 

The information compiled herein is not the direct opinion of GatherBids or it's affiliates, rather an independent editorial review from a third party publisher.

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Safe Step Tub

If you’re in the market for a Walk in Bathtub, you have probably heard of the Safe Step Walk in Bathtub. Maybe you have seen a Safe Step Tub commercial featuring Pat Boone standing next to the bathtub. It’s needless to say, Safe Step is a recognizable front-runner in this industry.

Safe Step Walk in Tub Co is an In-Home appointment type of company, which has greatly helped with their customer satisfaction. Their representatives will determine your homes ability to accommodate a Safe Step Walk in Bathtub.

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Premier Care

Premier Care in Bathing is the grandfather of all walk-in bathtub companies. Premier Care bathtubs are manufactured in England, although their headquarters is United States based.

This company was started in 1986 and is still running strong in its homeland of England, U.K.

Like many walk-in bathtubs today, the Premier Walk-in tub is said to be “Made in America”. However, a quick search for a Bill of Lading will show that Premier still actively imports their components from their U.K. manufacturing plant.

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Boca Walk in Tubs

Boca walk in tubs has been in business since 2007. They have three distributors located in the eastern, central, and western parts of the United States. Boca walk in tubs are American-made, and come with a100% satisfaction guarantee.

Boca walk in tubs are manufactured in Georgia. Their walk-in tub dealers ship, and deliver their products within the United States, and Canada. Some Boca dealers offer in-home consultations, and many offer full service installation. Some dealers offer over the phone consultations.

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Comfort Walk in Tubs

Comfort Walk in Tubs offer a good mid-grade imported walk-in bathtub.  You'll also find their tubs under a number of different names by different dealers throughout the country.  However, comfort walk in tubs is one of the more recognized names for Seniors that have researched alternative companies online.

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